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Weekly podcast from Sunday services at Calvary Temple Assembly of God.

The Merged Gospels

Todd Chontos


Dr. Gary Crossland is an author, Greek professor, historian, videographer, and Israel tour host.

After spending his life studying the Gospels, and after visiting all 94 historic sites in both Israel and Jordan identified in these books, There is no doubt that they must be received as the true and irrefutable recollections of at least four independent and sincere first-century historians.

Verifying this required Dr. Crossland to spend four years translating the Gospels from the original Greek texts. He broke each book down word-by-word into four columns. Finally, he merged everything back together into one long, flowing, chronological story, removing all of the duplicated content. This became the book known today as The Merged Gospels.

Using The Merged Gospels as a walking guide, Dr. Crossland traveled to every location named in the Gospels, while documenting all of it on video. This, in itself, took seven years to accomplish.

Today he spends most of his time in Israel producing video documentaries about the history and geography of the life of Christ.