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Weekly podcast from Sunday services at Calvary Temple Assembly of God.

Christmas: Behind the Scenes "More than Pageantry"

Todd Chontos


Oftentimes the Christmas season can be so busy that we have to make a conscious effort to slow down! This message is more than just Jesus and His birth, but about a question. “When it comes to Jesus; the person of Jesus, the power and majesty of Jesus, and the Savior Jesus….what feelings does Jesus evoke inside of you? How does Jesus make you feel?


Todd Chontos

trust-title-2-Standard 4x3.jpg

Stancle Williams serves as the District Youth Director of the South Texas District of the Assemblies of God. We were blessed to have Stancle share what God is doing through Speed the Light and then preach a challenging message entitled “Trust.” Do you trust Jesus to…..

How TO Love

Todd Chontos


What is it that people are supposed to see that would cause them to think, “ Hey, they must be a Christian.” Our greatest commandment from God is simply to love. The bible tells us they will know we are His disciples because of our love for one another. Easier said then done! Our ability to love comes down to one thing.

How NOT To Fear

Todd Chontos


How many of you would love to be free from fear? There is a direct link between love and fear. In this message we look at how we as Christians can live a life free from fear.

Walking in The Word Series "God's Word: Apply Often"

Todd Chontos


This series has been about the importance of placing God’s Word in our hearts by making a commitment to reading and studying the Bible. In this final installment we talk about “How do I maintain a heart for God’s Word? How do I continue in the skills and the habits that hopefully we’ve been developing over the past several weeks? God’s Word: Apply Often.