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Weekly podcast from Sunday services at Calvary Temple Assembly of God.

The Believer's Top 10: Part II

Todd Chontos

Believers top 10.001.jpeg

In The Believer's Top 10 Part II, Pastor Doug speaks about the next two on the list. Number two is, "A Scriptural Life." We as believers must live both private and public life according to the Word of God. Number three is, "A Spirit-Filled Life." We need to walk daily in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is available to every believer.

The Believer's Top 10

Todd Chontos

Believers top 10.001.jpeg

Pastor Doug begins a new series, "The Believer's Top 10 - the top 10 most important aspects of a believer's life." Part one of the series is entitled, "A Surrendered Life." The greatest war we will ever face is the, "War of the Will." Total surrender of our will is the only means that can bring us complete victory. God always has a plan, and His plan is always what is best for us.

Our Call To Missions - 2018 Missions Pledge

Todd Chontos

Missions - 2018 Extract.001.jpeg

What is the church supposed to be? What is the church supposed to be doing?                          We as a church, exist for one reason: to give ourselves away. If we aren't actively and sacrificially reaching the lost, then we're not being the church, we're just playing church. - Pastor Doug Roberts



Missionaries to Myanmar

Todd Chontos


Reverend Floyd and Katrina Graham share their testimony about the call of God and the journey to becoming missionaries to Myanmar. 

Pleasant Hills Children's Home

Todd Chontos

Pleasant Hills.001.jpeg

Reverend Harry Thomassen, executive director of Pleasant Hills Children's Home, shares what God is doing through the home and ministers a message about serving God in sincerity and truth.