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Weekly podcast from Sunday services at Calvary Temple Assembly of God.

Fathering God's Way

Todd Chontos

A Father's Day challenge for men to lead their families according to scripture. Who will make a declaration like Joshua? "As for me and my house, we WILL serve the Lord!"

You Get What You Give

Todd Chontos

Part 5 of our 8 part series entitled, "Lessons to Learn: 8 Steps to Happiness." In this sermon, we delve into the word "Mercy." What is mercy? Mercy is Love in action. Mercy is more than an attitude or a feeling. It's more than just feeling sorry for someone. Mercy is actually DOING something!

Promotion Sunday: Honoring our Graduates

Todd Chontos

Today we take the time to honor our graduating students as well as those promoting to the next grade level. Pastor Janet preaches to the church about the importance of training our children in the ways of the Lord and the responsibility we have as a congregation to do our part.

The Secret of Satisfaction

Todd Chontos

This is the fourth sermon in the Lessons to Learn 8 Steps to Happiness series. Todays message is, "The Secret of Satisfaction." Most people are looking for satisfaction in all of the wrong places.  Everyone has a spiritual hunger inside of them, but not everyone can identify it. - Pastor Doug.    

Controlling our Reactions

Todd Chontos

The third sermon in the series, " Lessons to Learn - 8 Steps to Happiness." One of the most commonly misunderstood attitudes that is spoken of by Jesus in the beatitudes is the attitude of Meekness. What is meekness? Meekness is NOT weakness. Meekness is actually strentgth that is under control.