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Weekly podcast from Sunday services at Calvary Temple Assembly of God.

Back to the Basics: Part V

Todd Chontos


"Created to Worship" Worship is a lot more than singing a few songs at the beginning of a church service. Worship is actually how we all live life. In this final installment of the Back to the Basics series we look at what the bible says about worship and what is God looking for when He invites us to come and worship Him. 

Back to the Basics: Part IV

Todd Chontos


Todays message is titled, "Membership has its privileges." Scripturally we are told that there is great importance in meeting as a corporate body and also in a small group setting. There are many benefits that accompany being a part of a small group (Life Group) as we discover in the book of Acts. 

Back to the Basics: Part III

Todd Chontos


This series is about getting Back to the Basics of what it means to really be a follower of Jesus. In todays message, we take a look at what it means to be an "Ambassador." What are the roles, responsibilities and rewards of being an ambassador for Christ? 

Back to the Basics: Part II

Todd Chontos


What does it really mean to be a Christian to actually follow Jesus? This is what Back to the Basics is all about. In this second installment we look at the offer that Jesus has extended to all of us today...Being a Disciple.

Back to the Basics

Todd Chontos

Back to the basics.001.jpeg

Pastor Doug started a new series entitled, "Back to the Basics." Being a Christian all begins with faith. If we will have the faith, God will give us the wisdom, strength and direction to have a great life and a much greater life to come.