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Weekly podcast from Sunday services at Calvary Temple Assembly of God.

Fasting 101

Todd Chontos

Fasting 101.001.jpeg

A simple message on the power of fasting and how EVERY Christian should be fasting according to scripture. Would you like a deeper, more intimate, more powerful relationship with God?

Build a Bigger Table

Todd Chontos


Sometimes in life it seems like we get exactly what we deserve, while at other times it seem like things are better than we deserve. In this message we read in the Old Testament about an outcast who didn’t get what he deserved.

How Prayer Changes Our Life: Part II

Todd Chontos


Does God promise to answer everyone’s prayers? Let’s see at what the Bible has to say as we look at Five Conditions of Prayer. “I believe that the bible clearly tells us that if you will meet these five conditions that you will have every right to believe that your prayers are going to be heard and answered.” - Pastor Doug

How Prayer Changes Our Life: Part I

Todd Chontos


When the disciples had the opportunity to ask for something from Jesus, their request was to “teach us how to pray.” There are many misconceptions about prayer and in this installment we look at four purposes of prayer.