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Weekly podcast from Sunday services at Calvary Temple Assembly of God.

Back to the Basics: Part II

Todd Chontos


What does it really mean to be a Christian to actually follow Jesus? This is what Back to the Basics is all about. In this second installment we look at the offer that Jesus has extended to all of us today...Being a Disciple.

Back to the Basics

Todd Chontos

Back to the basics.001.jpeg

Pastor Doug started a new series entitled, "Back to the Basics." Being a Christian all begins with faith. If we will have the faith, God will give us the wisdom, strength and direction to have a great life and a much greater life to come.

"Celebrate America"

Todd Chontos

John Arroyo.001.jpeg

It was a real honor to have 1st Lt. John Arroyo share his testimony during our "Celebrate America" service. John speaks about that harrowing day at Fort Hood and how through that experience learned a very spiritual lesson about overcoming the enemy.

The Potters Hands

Todd Chontos

The Potter's Hands.001.jpeg

One analogy in the Bible is that of the potter and the clay. There is a process that the potter goes through in order to take a piece of hard clay and shape it into a beautiful vessel. It is through this process that we can learn how God desires to mold us and transform us into a vessel of honor.

Unstuck Part VI: Getting Unstuck in our Future

Todd Chontos


The final installment in the "Unstuck" series. "When there is sin in the present, there will be uncertainty in the future." The great thing is that where we are in the present does not mean that is where we will be in our future.