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Weekly podcast from Sunday services at Calvary Temple Assembly of God.

A Mother's Love

Todd Chontos

happy_mother_s_day-Standard 4x3.jpg

A Mother's love is a special kind of love. Mrs. Zebedee had two famous sons and she wanted nothing but the best for them. This morning we take a look at the story and request of Mrs. Zebedee and her desire for her sons to be a part of the Kingdom of God.

What Lies Ahead

Todd Chontos

What Lies Ahead.001.jpeg

We all have regrets. Things done or not done, things said or not said, choices and decisions we have made that seemed really good at the time. In this life there is a decision/choice we can all make that will never be regretted. It has everything to do with what lies ahead.

Unstuck Part IV: Getting Unstuck in our Families

Todd Chontos


There is no such think as a perfect family. ALL families dysfunction once in a while and can get stuck. The key to getting unstuck in your family is to put God first in your family. In this message, Pastor Doug gives five steps to getting Unstuck in our families.

Unstuck Part III: Getting Unstuck in our Finances

Todd Chontos


There are more scriptures and references to money than there are any other topic in Gods Word. God apparently knew just how important money would be to us! Gods plan was never for us to be in debt and there are some practical ways we can become, and stay debt free.